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collection japanese love hotels
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Last updated on September 13th, 2018

Japanese love hotels are awesome. Or at least there are some which are quite extraordinary. We were searching for a nice one for maybe an hour or so at the Shibuya-hills in Tokyo. But every single one we encountered was rather shabby and didn’t offer too much excitement. Maybe the book here spoiled us because we were expecting a futuristic room with at least a slide in the middle of it. Or is that too much to ask for?

The whole process of searching a room is half the fun: You enter the hotel lobby, which is normally very private and incognito. The concierge is behind a milky window and the rooms are usually presented to you on a big touch display where you can choose one.

Some hotels are supposed to be fully automatic, so you even pay the fee directly in your room before you leave. That’s how you avoid every human contact- Except, of course, the one with your beloved partner in that particular hour. We do have to admit that we were way more excited to see the love hotels in real life than we were in spending time there. At least the ones in Shibuya are rather lame and some of them are even shabby (talking Japanese standards of course). The book, however, is a nice way to enter a new world.

Buy the book: ラブホテル・コレクション

Images by Japanese Tease.


collection japanese love hotels

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