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Last updated on November 29th, 2020

I love all my books and manga and always try to protect them the best way possible. On my visit to Tokyo, I discovered these lovely book protective sleeves at K-Books in Akihabara and had to buy a couple for my latest purchases. The quality is quite good, the price with 120-200¥ depending on the size, is not that bad and it’s really easy to apply them to your books. There are 10 pieces in each packaging, so you can do the math what one of these ブッカー君, how they are actually called, might cost you.


Unfortunately, I haven’t found a place outside of Japan which is offering these. Even our beloved honto bookstore doesn’t carry any. There are some others brands around offering these protective sleeves but until today I haven’t found a good source for them. When you’re currently in Japan trying to pick some ブッカー君 up for yourself, Tsutaya should always have some in their manga sections. I bought maybe 20-30 of these in different sizes so I’m all set, book-cover-wise.

Update: One of the readers mentioned that you can get these transparent book covers at cdjapan. Thanks a lot for finding these!

And now I should really go and work on my Japanese grammar. I have been slacking a bit these last few weeks. Genki here I come.

A very nice alternative. The prices are for 25/100 pieces which explain the price difference to the other ones. The one listed below is for 少年 manga e.g. One Piece, Naruto etc. You get the drift. That small format JUMP manga for roughly ¥ are always printed in.

日本製【コミック侍】透明ブックカバー【新書版 少年少女コミック用】25枚
日本製【コミック侍】透明ブックカバー【新書版 少年少女コミック用】25枚
【材 質】OPP 【内容量】25枚 【製造国】日本; ※対応書籍は下部にある商品説明の一覧をご確認ください。

Most 青年 titles like Billy Bat or the Dragon Ball 完全 版 use this format:

【材 質】OPP(オーピーピー) 【内容量】25枚 【製造国】日本; ※対応書籍は下部にある商品説明の一覧をご確認ください。

book kun manga sleeves





Maybe you were wondering why all my manga looked to “shiny” on my pictures. That’s because I applied these book sleeves to all of them. It’s good for reading and storing them but always a pain to take proper pictures because of the reflections.


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