A mint green herbal pharmacy by Id Inc

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Last updated on June 8th, 2018

Lately I have been re-decorating my flat in order to fix some things that were always bugging me and to give my little place a new look. I want to start fresh in the new semester with a positive attitude and a nice place to live at where I can really relax but learn focused at the same time. Looking for a little table for my living room is discovered several Danish/Swedish designers for me. Their products have a very minimalist approach which I like and always feel very “modest” in a way. A certain quality that I always liked about Japan and companies/products from over there as well. Nordish design has a lot of japanese charge and the newly designed herbal pharmacy by Japanese design studio Id Inc really supports my feeling.

The small pharmacy houses a backroom for acupuncture and is entirely dedicated to an alternative approach towards medicine. Fitting to choose mint green as the dominant (or rather the only color) for the space.

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