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Last updated on August 1st, 2013

Walking around in the city the whole day can be quite tiresome. To relax a little, we went to a parc in the middle of Shinjuku. It was the very beginning of sakura and so many elderly people were there to make pictures of the nearly blooming flowers. Seems to be a a popular hobby. I just remembered that I shot the pictures on Valentine’s Day which explains the young couples cuddling on the nearly nonexistent grass. Otherwise my girlfriend and I would’ve been the only young couple beneath pensioners and their tripods.

Images by Japanese Tease.

20130214-DSC_0142 2

20130214-DSC_0145 2

20130214-DSC_0033 3

20130214-DSC_0160 3

20130214-DSC_0151 3

20130214-DSC_0082 2

20130214-DSC_0126 4

20130214-DSC_0112 3

20130214-DSC_0104 4

20130214-DSC_0085 3

20130214-DSC_0146 3

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