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A couple of month ago I said that you won’t hear about Billionaire Boys Club on this site again. And it’s still a crappy brand that once released inspiring fashion for teenagers from the future. It’s really sad when you think about it. BBC went downhill after Nigo sold his shares but Pharrell is still one of my personal heroes. If I have any, he has to be one of them.

Billionaire Boys Club debuted its highly overpriced EU Spring/Summer 2014 collection at the SEEK tradeshow in Berlin. London-based director Rollo Jackson spoke with Pharrell about the current state of the brand, its future targets and of course his inspirations. Don’t expect a full length interview or a conversation. This is just another promotion video where people are only concerned about drinking champagne and looking good. But they did a good job in doing so and that’s why I’m showing you the video.

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