Art Basel 2014 – Part I

art basel 2014
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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

Even if Basel is only a mere 45 minutes car drive from my flat away, I rarely visit. Not because I don’t like the city (which is amazing and offers all the perks of a metropole on a fraction of the space). It’s solely because the prices plain suck. 18 CHF for a fucking Spritz? Damn you people that’s 20$ or 15€. That’s not fun anymore. But apart from not being able to sit down for a cold beer (or Spritz) you just have to visit for the beauty of the city alone. Even if it’s only once a year to visit Art Basel.

It’s prohibited for regular visitors to bring a camera inside but my good friend Bernhard (who is running the might blog about contemporary electronic music keep-it-deep) got us accredited for the event. He is working as a journalist for a local newspaper and was covering Art Basel for them. So I was able to bring me camera inside without any problems and free to shoot whatever I wanted.

I picked out a couple pictures which I like for several reasons. Photographing art alone seemed boring to me and so I tried to give you a feel for the flair of the event itself. With all the bored gallery owners sitting on shaky chairs staring on their smartphones. Secret tip for everyone who wants to succeed in the art business: Get an iPhone and try to use it as much as possible.

My selection of pictures grew to a little over a 100 and I thought it to be best to split it up on three different posts. Here you go with part one, hope you like it and let me know your thoughts.

Art basel 2014 – Part II

art basel 2014-2

art basel 2014-3

art basel 2014-5

art basel 2014-7

art basel 2014-8

art basel 2014-9

art basel 2014-10

art basel 2014-11

art basel 2014-13

art basel 2014-14

art basel 2014-16

art basel 2014-17

art basel 2014-18

art basel 2014-19

art basel 2014-20

art basel 2014-21

art basel 2014-23

art basel 2014-24

art basel 2014-25

art basel 2014-26

art basel 2014-27

art basel 2014-28

art basel 2014-29

art basel 2014-30

Continue with even more pictures from Art Basel 2014:

Art Basel 2014 – Part II

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