Art Basel 2014 – Part II

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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

Here is the second part with even more pictures from Art Basel 2014. If you haven’t already read the first post you should definitely do so before continuing. After selecting my pictures I noticed that many are still a little too dark or just didn’t turn out how I wanted them to. I’m still learning to properly handle my X-E1 and even if I already got much more comfortable with the little thing it’s still a lot to learn.

Art Basel 2014 – Part I

But now let’s head straight into some more art goodness. At first I tried to concentrate on galleries from Japan but it was very hard to do so. I found most of their stuff lacking in comparison to the huge variety of works on the art show. I’m sure you’ll notice the picture by Takashi Murakami which I’m gonna show you a couple of pictures down. It’s actually one of his very recent works from 2014. Brand new stuff, so to say.

art basel 2014-32

art basel 2014-34

art basel 2014-35

art basel 2014-37

art basel 2014-38

art basel 2014-40

art basel 2014-41

art basel 2014-43

art basel 2014-44

art basel 2014-45

art basel 2014-47

art basel 2014-51

art basel 2014-52

art basel 2014-54

art basel 2014-55

art basel 2014-56

art basel 2014-58

art basel 2014-59

art basel 2014-60

art basel 2014-61

art basel 2014-62

art basel 2014-63

art basel 2014-64

art basel 2014-65

art basel 2014-67

art basel 2014-68

art basel 2014-69

art basel 2014-70

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