Art Basel 2014 – Part III

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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

On to the last part with pictures from this years Art Basel. The last picture is from the menu of a Ramen joint which is located directly near the exhibition area the Art was held in. The bowls were big and looked quite tasty but I was really disappointed that their broth was solely dash based. Maybe it’s still a really good one. Didn’t want to taste it because of the really high (swiss) price. Maybe next time.

I’m quite busy currently with studies and all that stuff but will try to squeeze in a little post about some interesting stuff from Japan here and there. Just recently got really into Kenzo. I know he is not designing the stuff anymore nor is it produced in Japan but the essence still feels a little Japanese to me. It’s probably just my imagination but their love for details still beats most of the other major brands. Will try to take some picture of my new Kenzo Raincoat for you once it’s arrived. really need to work on the fashion area on this blog.

art basel 2014-72

art basel 2014-73

art basel 2014-74

art basel 2014-75

art basel 2014-76

art basel 2014-77

art basel 2014-78

art basel 2014-79

art basel 2014-80

art basel 2014-81

art basel 2014-83

art basel 2014-84

art basel 2014-85

art basel 2014-86

art basel 2014-87

art basel 2014-88

art basel 2014-90

art basel 2014-91

art basel 2014-92

art basel 2014-93

art basel 2014-94

art basel 2014-95

art basel 2014-96

art basel 2014-97

art basel 2014-98

art basel 2014-99

art basel 2014-100

art basel 2014-101

art basel 2014-102

art basel 2014-103

art basel 2014-104

art basel 2014-105

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