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Last updated on September 13th, 2018

Nigo, the man who founded the infamous Japanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape, is a true collector with a wide range of interests. For the 20th anniversary of Bape, they transformed his former home into a Bape museum which showed a big part of Nigo’s collection. The book Atelier by Nigo was already released a couple of months ago by Casa Books which is curated by the Japanese fashion magazine Casa Brutus. In this one the majority of the stuff from the exhibition shows up again (or vice versa) but is depicted with even greater care for detail. The man just knows how to spend his money. I’m a bit jealous on all his custom-made things. BBC Goyard trunks and all these small personalized details.

There are actually two books by Nigo out there which were released by Casa Books. The other one is called Bape Archives Vol.02 and contains some of these custom beauties in even greater detail. But it wouldn’t be a Bape Archive when all the stuff in the book wouldn’t be centered around the well known Bape camo pattern and the brand in general. So no other stuff in there. But we can’t complain. Atelier by Nigo has all the collector goodness in there we could wish for. Next up: Bape Archives Vol.02

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