Band Of Outsiders – Tokyo Store Opening

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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

I love Band Of Outsiders. That’s a firm statement but is really true in that case. I first recognized the US-Brand through its distinctive name which is a homage to one of my favorite films by Jean-Luc Godard. And that’s not just my humble opinion. It’s a film of a generation which captures the energy and enthusiasm of a whole new generation of filmmakers. Not a bad inspiration to start a fashion brand I would say.

The¬†architectual studio Lot-Ek,¬†who designed the store, originally comes from Italy but is operating worldwide and already realized a couple of other projects in Japan. The whole structure of the interior is circularly designed around the middle of the room which is dominated by a huge metal “pale”. It’s hard to describe that industrial monstrosity but it fits perfectly to the look & feel of the store. Band Of Outsiders always delivers collections which sturdy clothing well made and with certain city-elegance to it. Exactly what I like.

Note 10.02.15: Just found these pictures in an old issue of Casa Brutus a pretty popular design magazine from Japan. I don’t pick it up anymore because I think they’re mostly covering the popular stuff from the West. Which is not exactly a bad thing but definitely not the reason why I buy a Japanese design mag (You might want to check my guide on where to buy Japanese magazines). Regardless I just took some pictures of the relevant page for you. Doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before but I think it’s always a nice addition. Secreatly I just love to update old posts with new fitting content. It’s my small rebellion against the vanishing times of the Internet. Where news are only valuable for day and if something new happens you’ll just create another shitty, throw aways post about it.

And now the official pictures from Lot-Ek.

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