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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

I’m still a little bitter that I sold my 1000% (which states the size of the figure) Kaws Dissected Be@rbrick. We had a tiny flat back then, still have but maybe a little better organised now, no room and I was always in need for some extra cash. So I just sold the little sucker and didn’t look back.

Last year we bought some tiny Be@rbricks again and even if I didn’t quite get the appeal of these little collectibles at first, it continually grew on me. I’m speaking about the tiny 100% ones which are ruffly the size of a Playmobil figure.

The company behind the Be@rbrick is Medicom Toy and was first introduced to me due to being the manufacturer of the Kaws art toys. (I’ve made pictures of his last two releases, maybe you wanna have a look). I really like the extensive designs of the boxes the figures came and and began to look around in Medicm Toys catalogue. Their offerings contain many different segments icluding a clothing line (mainly T-Shirts) and cotton-wrappings for tissue boxes (which are aweomse). I bougth one of these with a laughing Joker head printed on and love it.

Since I began collecting Kaws, I always had a look on Medicom Toys new products. Most of the stuff seems quite nice but I wouldn’t buy it. Especially the whole Disney license stuff, or older Kaiju mosnter figures. But these 400% Be@rbricks have the perfect size for my room.

It’s already been two months since the popular Japanese it-girl matsu-you showed her collaboration with Medicom Toy but living in Europe we get the Japanese stuff late, if at all. I’m buying my sneakers at caliroots, for me the best shop in Europe for stree-wear. They also carry some Medicom products and just got the matsu-you  Be@rbrick a couple of days ago.

It’s basically a Be@rbrick with a lamp inside. There are three different versions available and each one comes with a different flavor. You can turn the lamp on and off on the back and the figure will be either vinalla, rose or lavender scented. Would have been the perfect Valentine gift (for me, of course. It’s the day when boys get presents in Japan).

Pictures via: matsu-you

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