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Last updated on October 24th, 2014

Is it just me or can’t you stop humming the Village People’s classic in your head as well? But apart from the catchy song I’m sure that every crew member in the navy is looking forward to Fridays. Maybe you already guessed it: Friday is curry time. At least in the Japanese navy it is. each battleship has it’s very on curry recipe with some hidden ingredients which give it a indue flavor. Some like to add some port wine, some can’t cook it without rasping an apple into the sauce. Cooking curry is a very intimate thing where you can play around at your hearts content. You like parmesan? Just add it and don’t forget to include a small Espresso.

I love cooking and also shared how I cook my version of Japanese Curry a while ago when my Fuji X-E1 was still brand new. Still love the camera btw. even if shooting with it is a little different if you’re used to an DSLR.

My orders with books from Japan were usually pretty manga heavy but recently I bought more and more cookbooks and fashion magazines. While browsing through honto I discovered this little collection of 48 curry recipes from 48 Japanese battleships. I found the idea very charming especially with the small manga characters printed on each page. Let me know your Curry version if you like to cook as well. Always looking for inspiration.

japanese battleship curry-1

japanese battleship curry-3

japanese battleship curry-8

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