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Last updated on August 1st, 2013

It’s been a while since we heard some more or less exciting news about Pharrell’s & Nigo’s former collaborative brand. The store in Tokyo is long gone and so is the originality of the brand. Except for some Chinese people, nobody is really interested in it anymore. The decline in quality of the garments goes hand in hand with the quality of the designs. I really like Pharrell and his output in general but without Nigo, BBC was doomed to go down.

Maybe it was a smart move by Pharrell to sell out his part, too and join forces with Jay-Z. The hype and glamour BBC was once surrounded by has already been long gone. Nobody was buying the overpriced tees and shirts anyway. So why not change the direction of the brand completely, they probably thought. Go cheap and move the whole production to China, Korea and Canada (still can’t figure out why Canada, it obviously doesn’t fit country-wise, right?).

Hearing this, the brand “Bape” might pop up in your heady now. And yeah, BBC shares the same fate Bape does, except for one thing. The Japanese brand Bape still offers some top notch designs. You have to search for them, but they do exist. Especially their current collection for girls is awesome. My girlfriend tried them in the Harajuku store and they looked great.

But back to BBC. The new collection is featuring Virginia based artists Michael Kagan and a selection of his work containing “outer-space art”. To create some buzz, the old co-founder Pharrell wore pieces of the new collection in a photo shoot. Maybe we can hope for more tasteful releases like this one. It would be a nice change to all the bold logo prints, the Billionaire Boys were sporting last seasons. And maybe, just maybe, they will go back to their roots. Start producing in Japan again and do some fresh designs.

Until then, we won’t mention BBC on this site again. This was probably it. Bye bye, Billionaire Boys. We sure will miss you!

Pictures via hypebeast

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