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Last updated on May 24th, 2013

Toronto-born, Seoul-based Casper Kang is easily one of my favorite young artists. With his clean architectural lines and his contemporary take on the art deco aesthetic with an inspirational hint of traditional Korean folk art he gets me every time. I’m secretly day-dreaming of a half sleeve tattoo made up entirely of his floral designs. Yep, they’re that good. Just cover me in Kang, okay?!

Kang studied at the Carleton University School of Architecture in Ottawa but decided to give up architecture in order to pursue a career in art and painting and has thus been featured in a multitude of group and solo exhibitions in Canada, South Korea, and China. As his main influences Kang states capitalism, materialism, pop culture, and his own multifaceted cultural identity as well as our modern social conditions. Through his art and by choosing to sign his work with a stylized asterisk Casper Kang decided to leave his own footnote and comment on our modern society and its social conditions.

All images shown below are part of a (seemingly ongoing) series of paintings called Wilderness.


All images © Casper Kang

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