Cats dressed like Sushi

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“Da fuq” is Neko Sushi you might ask yourself. And we did the same. Even if it seems pretty natural for a cat to be dressed up as a sushi topping, our Neko Sushi department still had its doubts about their whereabouts and took further research in this matter. “There are several academics who have devoted their lives to the study of these creatures. According to a number of these, Neko-Sushi make use of gaps in space to come to us from an alternate dimension.” That’s what our official sources from Neko Sushi told us and we have to admit that everything is falling into place now.

We don’t know about the taste though, but sure hope that it can match the living frog-sushi experience. And if you still haven’t seen enough Neko-Sushi after reading this post, you can donwload the offical Iphone App. I tried the free version for you. It’s crap.







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  • Wikzo

    Hey, when is your book shop coming online again? :)

    • JapaneseTease

      Thanks for dropping by Wikzo. I closed the shop because it was just too much hassle after all. But I have something far better for you. I’m still working on the post but I think it will be online tomorrow. With some tips and tricks about where and how to order manga & books directly from Japan at It’s really a great store, with actual Japanese prices, cheap shipping and great promotions.

      • Wikzo

        That makes me a little sad. I was just going to order two mangas from your site the other day. Then, when I checked the shop the next day, it was down.

        If you by any chances have any copies left of either Yotsuba! or Shirokuma Café (or both), I would be real happy to purchase them. I live in Denmark, so it shouldn’t bee too difficult with shipping.


        I really like your website :)

        Thanks in advance

        Gustav (Wikzo)

        • JapaneseTease

          Sorry Gustav, but I don’t have any volumes of either Yotsubato nor Shirokuma Café left. I willjust send you an Email with some stuff I’ll share tomorrow at JapTease so you can get your order in early :) hope that helps. Would have loved to send you some books but the popular ones are all gone.
          Thank you very much gor your kind words about the blog. It’s really appreciated :) Just checked yours but unfortunately I don’t understand any Danish.

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