You could’ve made some tasty Japanese food with your miniature kitchen

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Last updated on October 6th, 2019

I already was very much into cooking when I was around 5-6 years old. My grandparents bought me a tiny miniature oven and a lot of different kitchen supplies and tableware. All in kids sizes of course. I had a blast with it. My favorite self-cooked dish back then was fried potatoes (didn’t fry them of course, just made them in a pan with a little oil) and eggs.

It took hours for me to prepare this but I was convinced that cutting the potatoes in very tiny little squares would make them taste extra special. Luckily I wasn’t into Japanese cooking as a little cook otherwise my grandparents wouldn’t be so pleased when I suddenly started deep-frying stuff.

These Japanese guys from Miniature Space had the funny idea of cooking essential Japanese dishes (and other stuff as well) solely with miniature cooking ware. From Tempura to Mini Pancakes. They sure showed us how much really is possible with tiny cooking ware.

(video above)
If you show this to your kids you should be aware of the possibility that they will want to re-cook these dishes. So choose wisely. Maybe a simple non-deep-fried Curry is a better choice (Pro-Tip: see below for the Miso-soup which might be the perfect starter-dish).


A miniature Miso-soup will probably do for the beginning.

Just a quick one but I really had to share this with you guys. Especially considering my own background as a professional little chef. Would you get this for your kids?

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