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Last updated on July 31st, 2018

Japanese people love to absorb different foreign cultures. Or at least the rebellious youth does. America has always been big in Japan. Burgers, Hip Hop, Baseball, Basketball – only to name a few things which originated in the States that became extremely popular in Japan. But Japan always managed to create a unique, own version of these things and gave the whole formula they imported a special twist. They madeĀ it their own. Did it with their really perfect Burgers and the Teriyaki Boys around Nigo and Verbal managed to get Japanese Hip Hop a new touch. Or made it popular in general.

The fashion scene in Harajuku in the early 90s was all about inspiration from foreign countries. The kids wanted to be different, break out from the society their parents created and find themselves as individuals. Sounds cheesy, I know. But the essence is that some groups in Japan have always been very open towards foreign influences and trends. It’s no real surprise that Dancehall became a thing in Japan.

It’s definitely not huge for the major population but it slowly grew on some Japanese kids who made it their thing and devote themselves to this. And that’s exactly what I love so much about Japan: If Japanese people do something, they do it right. They get completely lost in their hobbies and want to perfect it.

Bose made a nice documentary about this trend and even if it’s an ad it’s still a very good one (I’m not getting paid to post this, just like it) and really well photographed. Let’s share some dancehall love.

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