Astro Boy Traffic Light in Sagami

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My first introduction to Osamu Tezuka’s little super hero was actually through Naoki Urasawa’s re-interpretation of the the classic Astro Boy story 地上最大のロボット (The world’s greatest robot). And till today it’s one of my favorite manga, ever. Apart from that I didn’t dig any deeper into the Astro Boy universe (that reminds me, I actually on Kaws’ interpretation of Astro Boy as well) but just discovered that I own quite some merchandise from the little fella. 

To promote their robotic industries the district of Sagami in Kanagawa prefecture switched out the small little guy with his hat and replaced him with Astro Boy (who is known as Atom in Japan). Robot Town Sagami made a pretty high profile PR stunt out of this and animated its citizens to find the location with the Astro Boy Traffic lights themselves. If you want to have a look for yourself, it’s already been marked on Google Maps.

Needless to say, I love the idea and execution.

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