Erina Kamiya knows what to do when a comet is incoming

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Last updated on July 30th, 2018

Erina Kamiya is a member of the Japanese girl group Kamen Joshi and in the meantime, she is also running a pretty successful youtube channel. About what? Well, mostly about her boobs. But I have to admit that in her case, they deserve a channel of their own.

Back in November Erina Kamiya jokingly told in one of her youtube videos that her monthly income was around 20 million yen. Which estimates to 180k$ today. Some people took all that a little too serious. To make things right again she uploaded another video with her talking about her real salary including showing one of her more recent paychecks. Which stated roughly 4k$. Not bad for a young idol and youtube celebrity. But nothing to write home about either. She is talking at length about the whole unveiling of her salary and that her intent was to show parents of kids that becoming a youtube celebrity actually can pay off. Be that as it may – Erina Kamiya definitely is entertaining (and here is a nice interview with her as well).

But now to the inevitable question – Can that girl save mankind with her boobs? I just recently updated an old article about Dragon Ball SD and did some comparison pictures with the really incredible Dragon Ball complete collection. Funny thing that I just discovered that little video today which is nicely incorporating that whole Toriyama vibe. Like a Sajajin is fighting with his fists Erina Kamiya is using her female power instead.

And because we’re all trying to learn Japanese here: Just discovered another silly video of her. With English and Japanese subtitles. If you want to know what Japanese TV is like just give it a look. And while doing so you can even put your Japanese vocabulary knowledge to the test.

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