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Last updated on July 25th, 2018

Ramen has been the first Japanese dish I tried to make myself. Since working my way through the Harumi Kurihara cookbooks I got a little obsessed with making my own perfect recipe. Starting with the ideal broth, the right toppings and of course some original Chashu. It’s difficult to get all the “real” Japanese ingredients if you’re living in Germany even if you’re trying to order the stuff online. Düsseldorf is supposed to be one of the European cities where the most Japanese people are living outside of Japan. It’s sometimes hard to believe. I visited Düsseldorf for a couple of days and even if there are quite a number of shops selling Japanese groceries the online offerings are still lacking. Maybe you can just get all the stuff locally. Would love to hear about a great place to shop for Japanese ingredients/groceries from Germany. The UK has a great shop, France as well but there are really no great online shops in Germany.

I usually try to substitute for things I cannot get. While doing so I made my very own German Ramen. It’s stronger and even got some potatoes in it but it already made two fans (my girl and me). Still a very intimate Ramen circle so far.

Japanese people are obsessed with making and eating Ramen. There are even magazines dedicated solely to eating Ramen, new shops and techniques and of course there are multiple manga series out there trying to capture the magic of Ramen. It’s safe to say, it’s pretty popular.

The Japan design committee hosting the Mino Ramen Bowl Exhibition which is on display through January 26, 2015, at Design Gallery 1953 (7th floor of Matsuya Ginza Department Store). 25 different Ramen bowls have been designed by well known Japanese artists all craftsmen of Mino City. The city in the Gifu prefecture is locating the biggest ceramic manufacturers from Japan and the place where 90% of all the Ramen bowls are made.

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