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WaniKani is a great way to learn Kanji and some Japanese vocabulary alongside it. I’ve already written a couple of times about the online program and made numerous attempts o pull through with it and stick to it till the end. Of course, life came in between but at least I tried. Currently giving WaniKani another run and there are actually a couple of small web extensions that make studying a little more comfortable.

Very useful external sites

KaniWani – Not actually an extension but a very handy website you should use. You just log in with your WaniKani credentials and this site lets you practice vocabulary the other way around. Gives you the English word and wants you to enter the Japanese equivalent. Now you really see if you know a word by heart. You’ll be surprised how much more difficult it is this way around especially because you never learned them like this.

WaniKani data – I’m a sucker for statistics so this is right up my alley. You just input your API and this neat little website shows you tons of statistics and level up estimates. Another neat touch is the reading ability measure on your current level and a bar that fills up as you progress further. Can’t wait to fill up my “book” reading ability.

WaniConjugation – Just wrote about the great Genki Conjugation app the other day but if you’re a WK user you should check out this awesome (and free) site. You can freely choose which forms you want to train and select the different WK levels where the words shall be chosen from. I personally prefer the Genki app for verb and adjective conjugational training but choose for yourself.

Deuendecat – A Japanese sentence looper sorted after WK levels. Just select a level from the right sidebar and treat yourself to some Japanese sentences which use Kanji you already learned.


These are all user script extension to use with something like Tapermonkey. You first need to install this extension before you can go and download the ones below. I tried busing it with Safari (which is my main browser) but I just couldn’t get it to work and then switched to Chrome. It’s now my WaniKani browser which is kinda neat as well because it keeps things really separated.

There are tons of useful extension out there I just picked the ones for this article which I still use and would recommend to anybody because they make reviewing a lot more comfortable. If you have any that you like and can’t review without – please share them in the comments. Always happy to get new input.

WaniKani Override – Adds an ignore button which lets WaniKani ignore a wrong answer you have given. Very handy if you mistakenly input a wrong which happens a lot to me. Of course, you should use this responsibly but that should be clear from the start. In the end, you’re learning Japanese for yourself and not to impress someone with the speed you climb the WaniKani levels.

WaniKani Real Times & Real Numbers – If you want to get rid of the 42+ and just have the real number of reviews/lessons displayed this is the user script for you. If you are part of the lively community WK has to offer the real times script gives you the exact time someone posted and not just a rounded hour.

WK Improve – A couple of small changes which make cramming Kanji and Vocab a lot more comfortable. If you answered an item correct it just skips to the next word without the need for hitting the enter key again. Which actually makes things way faster. And this neat extension displays information about the last item you answered with a little button to toggle.

Level UP Celebrator – Always nice to climb up a new level. Why not celebrate this with a nice graphic.

Ultimate Timeline – Gives you a detailed view about all the reviews that are waiting for you in the next couple of days. You can even toggle the timeframe. Really like this feature because I can gauge how much time I’ll roughly have to invest in WK. If there is too much on my schedule I’ll pause doing new lessons so reviews won’t pile up too much.


I’m using the Mobile AlliCrab App for all my iOS devices which already has a couple of very useful extension built in. For non-jailbroken phones this is the only way if you don’t want to study WaniKani in its conventional way. Which I actually wouldn’t recommend because especially when using a mobile all the clicking is a hazzle. The biggest plus for me is the ability to just ignore a wrong answer you have given or just change it to be recognized as correct. Goes a long way for me because I tend to make spelling mistakes on my phone all the time.

For all Apple Watch users check my post about a neat App to use for WaniKani with it.

Like always this list will be updated whenever my favorites change or I find something new which is just too good not to share.

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  • Colutea

    gibt es auch eine App die WaniKani benutzt, die mich zwingt die Kanji tatsächlich zu schreiben und dann schaut, ob ich die Strichfolge richtig gemacht habe? Also sowas in der Art wie Kanji Senpai nur in Verbindung mit Kanji-Senpai?
    Dankeschön :)
    Grüße, C.

    • JapaneseTease

      Meines Wissens mach nicht. Aber du könntest das doch mal in einem Thread im WK Forum anregen :)