Balcony House by Ryo Matsui Architects

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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

I’ve always been wondering what the perfect place to live at would be for me. A house with all it’s classic benefits like a small garden and different floors or a simple, tasteful flat in the city. Without the responsibilities that come with owning and taking care of a building. My girlfriend got me a book with the complete works by Tadao Ando (TASCHEN) when she was visiting  Berlin and I just love his trademark concrete framework.

But one question always pops into my mind when I look at his buildings: How would I hang my pictures? Without drilling a whole in the wall and leaving evidence for the posterity that their once hung a painting by Ashley Wood, it’s just not possible. I know there are certain strips which you can install to hang your pictures with and replace them without much effort (and without damage) but to affix something on these walls will always be a hassle.

The Balcony House by Ryo Matsui Architects is a four-storey house with tree-lined balconies and a concrete building as well. The interior is paneled with wood which solves the problem of coziness and hanging your pictures (my architecture -studying friends would now probably slap me). I love the mixture of materials and the open design of the building. Big windows on the front and small openings on the side of the house, to give your neighbor some privacy. It’s still Japan and space in the city is rare.

All images © Ryo Matsui Architects | Via: dezeen

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Balcony House by Ryo Matsui Architects

I've always been wondering what the perfect place to live at would...
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