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Last updated on August 1st, 2013

You have probably heard about this legendary Harajuku Street Style magazine before: Fruits is an institution, a legend in street style photography. Founded in 1994, the man behind the magazine, Shoichi Aoki, still remains the only photographer for the publication. Since then, he also developed two other formats called the Street and the Tune mag. I have to admit that I still didn’t manage to peak through a copy of one of these.

You may think that most of the outfits featured in Fruits are not tasteful at all. Maybe they really are not, but you should always remember that the Harajuku style is more about breaking with well known patterns than about looking good. When you walk around in Tokyo ,the dominant colours are black and grey. People just want to fit in, they definitely don’t want to stand out. So one can understand, that the new fresh style from ’94 was meant to shock people and mainly to be different.

I personally don’t like the style of most people presented in Fruits myself. But that is not really the point of the magazine. It’s meant to show creativity and uniqueness and you can’t deny that this is what it does.

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Images by JapaneseTease.

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