Goldfish bubble wrap by Daisuke Akiyama

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The best ideas usually come unexpected and that’s exactly been the case when artist Daisuke Akiyama got the idea for his goldfish bubble wrap. The Japanese designer (working for the design studio HAFT DESIGN) was watching these elegant little fish swimming around in a bowl and instantly got hit with his great idea.

It looks like many miniature goldfish were swimming in dozens of little fish bowls, tidily arranged one next to the other. “We usually have an inclination to pop bubble wrap,” says Akiyama. “But by printing goldfish I’ve made it psychologically more difficult to pop.”

Unfortunatley this is only a prototype or more likely a piece of art and probably won’t go into production.

On a side note: Goldfish are deeply connected to the Chinese and Japanese cultures and always been a major theme and source of inspiration for artists. One of the most exciting projects which involve the small orange fish has to be the fish & water filled phone-booth which was installed in Osaka back in 2012. The artist community Kingyobu (goldfish club) were responsible and even created a making-of which they shared.

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