The surreal mind of Izumi Miyazaki

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Last updated on June 8th, 2018

Izumi Miyazaki grew up as a lonely child, she says. But she got a cure for it. “I don’t feel lonely when I make and watch photos of a double me.” And she took the whole selfie business to a whole different level. She started her tumblr in 2012 and has been putting up self-portraits ever since. But not the kind you would expect for a young girl. Not the self-obsessed “I think it’s time for a selfie” kind. She likes to write I came with an UFO and her pictures might actually make you believe this. In a very positive way. I love her quirky pictures and the way she is playing with nowadays wannabe society.

Like always with art and artsy-fartsy photography you could write a lot about it. Your thoughts your impressions. But looking art the work itself it actually more than enough. And what we initially came for as well. Miyazaki is also selling some tote bags and several accessories but I couldn’t find out a specific address for a shop she might be using. Just have a look at her tumblr and you will see several pictures of her selling her very personal merchandise. The reason for it? She likes the idea of people wearing a picture of her on the streets and displaying it publicly. So maybe her she is not so different from other selfie taking girls after all.

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