jaco the galactic patrolman

If you like Dragon Ball you’ll love Jaco

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Last updated on January 30th, 2015

I already made these pictures a little while ago when I freshly received the limited edition of Jaco the galactic patrolman. It’s printed in the same format as the Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump complete editions which is really comfortable to read. After finishing up with Drago Ball, I tried to get my hands on as much stuff by Akira Toriyama as possible. I still have to read the whole bunch of Dr Slump manga but already finished wJaco the patrolman. It’s a little tough to understands sometimes with a pretty adult vocabulary (at least that was my impression) but it’s still very worth it to pick up. The drawings may not be on the same level as the early Dragon Ball but if you like Toriyama you definitely know what to expect.

Finally finished all my exams and bought that PS4 a couple of days ago. Really love the console so far, especially the Remote Play function which works like a charm on the Vita. It’s just awesome if you can continue a good game in the bedroom (even if this may sounds a little sad :) Some great Japanese books arrived within the last weeks but I haven’t had the head to take some nice pictures for you. Have a nice Sunday!

  • Buy the manga: Jaco the galactic patrolman and it’s now available in English as well.
    If you buy the book through my link, I’ll get a small referral fee which will be used to buy even more awesome books for review.

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