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The lovely packaging of Japanese Game Boy Advance games

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Japanese Game Boy Advance games are probably the ones with the best packaging of all handhelds so far. It’s a mix between the super beautiful Japanese Super Famicom packaging and being small enough to compete with the Game Box boxes. One my trip to Tokyo I just had to get some GBA titles to show off in my small office.

It seems like everybody is waiting for new game consoles and handhelds to be released. With even better graphics, sound, and whatnot. But I don’t care about all this new stuff. When the 16bit era ended (aka the time when I was still a little boy and wanted a Super Nintendo) the charm of videogames disappeared as well. The blocky pixel style graphics and the creativity you had to show to make something out of these very limited graphic possibilities, made games out of this era so unique.

It’s the same with CGI. I just can’t stand this stuff and much rather prefer the “hand made” effects they had to use way before. When computers just had enough power to play Pong on them and special effects were still a manly, handmade business.

But apart from that I still can’t understand how some people like to collect CDs in their bland cases. I prefer cardboard boxes with nice designs and painted pictures. That’s why I love Game Boy Advance games. 16bit glory on a portable device and of course the Japanese artworks and designs were the nicest. I picked these three up at Super Potato on my recent trip to Tokyo.

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