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Japanese Tease is now a porper year old and I just wanted to write a few words to celebrate this a little. Lately I haven’t had too much time to spend on the site and I won’t have any again when my courses start next week. Before everythings slows down again I wanted to give all the readers a warm thank you for all the support and amazing comments.

Never had a single unpleasant experience with this site. It’s such a friendly and welcoming community. I’m speaking about all the Japanese learners in general and especially about the WaniKani/Tofugu group. Awesome folks and always eager to help out their fellow learners. Friends of mine are running fashion/music related blogs and always have to fight with unpleasent/hateful comments. It goes so far that no reaction on an article is a good one. And that really is frustrating. When we’re talking I always tell them that my readers are all awesome folks. With no exception. Applause to you and thanks a lot for reading my small, humble website! I really mean it. You’re top notch guys & gals.

I’m always overwhelmed that people take the time to leave a comment and even care to give me some very interesting manga and anime recommendations. Thank you, this really means a lot to me.

But now on to the part why you’re actually reading this article. The manga giveaway part: Everytime when people buy manga or games using one of the links on this site I get a little percentage of the sale. I use the money to pay for server costs and sometimes I can even pay for the shipping of my packages. That’s awesome and I just have to thank everybody again at this point who is using my links to treat themselves to some goodness from Japan.

To show my appreciation and to give a proper thank you back to all the readers I though it would be a good idea to make a little manga giveaway. I will pick some intereting manga (4-5 titles) and send them directly to the winner using cdjapan. Will pick some great titles for you, promise.

1_General CDJapan

Let’s make it quick: To enter you’ll have to leave a short comment with your Email-adress & retweet/share (fb or g+) the article. Each entry gets a number (in chronological order) which I’ll use to pick a random winner.

The winner will be picked the coming Monday! Good luck everybody.

And the winner is:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-02 um 15.53.54

Congrats to Rayne for winning some awesome Japanese manga!

Thanks a lot everybody for participating in the giveaway and for all your kind words. You were all much too charming which will grant the existence of Japanese Tease at least another year. If not two.

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  • Lolli
  • Alex7Kom

    Happy Birthday, Japanese Tease! I like the articles about Japanese language, but didn’t comment before, since I don’t have enough experience in Japanese to add something useful to a conversation (and I am not a native English speaker either).

    Anyway, thank you for the nice website and the giveaway!

  • NEET

    I’m also learn Japanese, and your advices already so helpful!
    Thank you for the giveway!

  • Juan Merla

    Nice!,i recently learned about this blog,-which i found very cool by the way- and also happy birthday!! ,i’m going to add that when i went to Japan 2 years ago i didn’t buy that much manga not because i don’t like it or the price,but the luggage space it was difficult to decide what to bring back to my contry. Either way thank you for the awesome blog and the cool giveaway. here’s my email

  • Adam

    Happy birthday (to the blog)! =)

    Love your blog, and I sincerely hope you continue to write on it from time to time even though you’ll have lots to do in school. Easily the best looking Japan-themed blog I’m following, and I absolutely love the overall style, design/typography and the photos. Not to mention, your posts are always interesting as well =) Keep up the good work!

    I’m a bit hesitant to posting my private e-mail address publicly online, so I’ll just post a temporary e-mail-address I created (hope that’s OK!):

  • shanadeshana

    I discovered your blog some months ago and it has helped me a lot to pick good mangas to start reading basic japanese :) keep the good work!

  • Amaal Omar

    Happy birthday!
    I actually only discovered your books a few months ago. It was the Japanese manga for beginners that brought me here from my google search. I really liked that post because I actually ended up buying one of the manga that you recommended, Crayon Shin-chan. At that time my Japanese learning was at a plateau and I was pretty frustrated with myself because I was still beginner level. So when I came across you manga recommendation post, I brought shin-chan as a way to motivate myself to be able to understand all of it. And since then my Japanese learning motivation has gone up. So I just wanted to say thank you for that!

  • Flieg

    Happy anniversary!
    flieg93 at

  • littlemind

    Love the work you put into this site! Very much appreciated!

  • Rayne

    I’m actually relatively new reader of your blog. I first discovered it by looking for manga recommendations and found yours to be really great! Since then I have ordered bunch of manga and even one light novel(not bunch, but enough to keep me busy this summer :) ). Later I checked a lot of your older articles and found them interesting so I subscribed(actually started using RSS just for that) I hope to see more of your manga reviews/showcases/recommendations in the future! Maybe not just manga, include some easy light novels or anime or even games as well. It’s interesting learning language by engaging in activities you like!

  • Jonathan

    This is my first time commenting, and I’ll take it as a chance to thank you. Your blog posts always seem to remind me why I’m so passionate about studying Japanese, and your manga recommendations were definitely a big help when I decided to take the next step in my studies. I was happy to see Hikaru no Go on your recommendations, as it’s been my favorite manga series since I read it in English xD

  • Mark Esguerra

    Congratulations on a full 1st year! Since finding out about your site through Twitter, I can say that it’s been very informative, helpful when it comes to Japanese study tips and such, and always interesting. Keep up the great work and postings and I hope this site continues strong for years to come.

  • Hisuin

    Alles gute for your blog, and congratulations!

    Your posts are very interesting, keep up the good work :)

  • 「グレグー」

    Nice Job man keep up the good work! Here’s to another year eh?

  • Till Nyman

    Woop woop! Giveaway! <3 meridianherschel [ähhht] gmail°com

    Only one year though? Feels like at least two since I came across you on Twitter.

  • gup cruit

    Continue the great work on the site. It’s always a pleasure to find new posts to read on the interesting Japanese finds.

  • Marcos Dangond

    Excellent site, WIN some great Japanese manga

  • Meringuego

    Congratulations on getting through your first year! Thanks for all the book recommendations:) They’ve helped a lot! Here’s a site recommendation for you too! have you heard of it? I think you’ll like it since their main focus is on books to help you learn Japanese.

    • JapaneseTease

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Yes, I know whiterabbitexpress and even bought from them in the past. Today I’m usually buying directly from Japan but the prices from WRE aren’t really that bad,

  • Shahrzad

    Oh I’m too late!
    Congratulations for completing the first year and to Rayne san too for winning.
    I love it here. Always find interesting and useful material to help me learn more Japanese. Plz keep on the great work you’ve been doing. ヽ(^o^)丿

    I want some manga too. I’ll try to be on time next year. 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

    • JapaneseTease

      Next time, I’m positive that it will take much less than a year for another manga giveaway :)

      Thanks a lot for your kind words and your support. It’s really appreciated.

  • reno

    Congrats on 1 year!
    Been enjoying reading about everything and anything Japanese here.
    Even thought I’ve been learning the language, I kinda had a prejudice against manga.
    That was dumb and your site really helped in finding great titles.
    Continue the great work. Here’s to another year!

    • JapaneseTease

      It was exactly the same for me. I was always under the impression that manga and anime strictly appeal to hyperactive kids and the die hard otaku. Oh how wrong I was. Glad I could show you same great titles that got you curious.

      Thanks a lot for leaving such a nice comment and you support. Keeps me going for at least another year :) Kanpai!

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