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Last updated on October 7th, 2019

I’m not yet a Jojo fan myself but as you all know I’m very much into beautiful books and sure can appreciate Araki’s art even without knowing too much about the Jojo universe. Reader doomydoomdoom recommended Jojo’s bizarre adventure to me in the manga recommendations post. Even if I haven’t picked this one up yet, I’m still planning to do so but wanted to finish Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump first before doing so. Maybe my time for Jojo has come now.

While browsing cdjapan for some new manga reading material I stumbled upon the beautiful Jojoveller art book which contains exclusive artworks and most of the stuff from Araki’s 2012 exhibition which was held in Shibuya and Firenze. Apart from the main book there are two others included in the huge box set. A encyclopedia of every Jojo Stand in existence and one about the history of the manga itself.

But that’s not all: There is also a two disc blu-ray set inculded which features a documentation about the Araki exhibition in Tokyo and some days spent with the master drawing. You can watch a preview of the first disc which contains the docu about the exhibition above the post.

But now to the most important part of all this, the price. It’s not cheap but there are two versions available. One containing everything mentioned above, collected in a beautiful case (which reminds me of all these gorgeous 150€ TASCHEN editions) for roughly 20k Yen or you just get the main book for a mere 9k Yen.

Let’s be honest: Before spending 20k Yen on a book we want to see some pictures first. Good ones, of course. Flickr member Raven Yeh helps us out with this and shared some really beautful pictures of the Jojoveller mega book.

Just head over to JOJOVELLER完全限定版 to get a real feeling for how this printed beauty looks like in person.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll buy the Jojoveller (sounds good right) but how I know myself you’ll probably some pictures of it on the blog very soon. Shipping usually takes two weeks to my place, though…

Buy the book: Jojoveller 25th Limited Edition
Or get the main book only edition: Jojoveller (which has awesome cover alternative cover artwork btw)

 (If you buy the books through my links, I’ll get a small referral fee which will be used to buy even more awesome books for review.)

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