Katsura Hashino talks Persona 5, life and his new project

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Last updated on July 29th, 2018

I waited so long for Persona 5 to finally hit the stores and when it was there I only played it for about 35 hours. Which is nothing for a Persona game. The series director Katsura Hashino directed all of the main entry Persona games so far. Each one with a touch of genius. No other game touched me in the way any of the Persona games did. With one exception which isn’t really one: Catherine. The twisted tale about love and temptation couple with a hardcore puzzler. It’s not really an exception because it was made by Katsura Hashino as well.

Toco Toco met him, talked about his new project and had a couple of drinks with him in the SKY lounge of Carrot Tower in Tokyo. I usually don’t watch everything on the Toco Toco channel anymore (even if it’s highly recommended) but just took a long bath and caught up on their latest episodes alongside the one about Katsura Hashino. Make sure to watch the one about manga creators UME as well (their biggest hit so far was Tokyo Toy Box which I definitely have to read after watching this). I’m still not sure if this manga team is actually a couple as well, regardless I checked their other projects as well and will probably pick up some new Japanese manga soon.

Hashino mentioned one thing that sets his games apart from the rest. He always aims to give you something more than just plain fun when playing his games. Something like a take-home message or some greater “wisdom”. And his games definitely deliver that experience. Now he only needs to make one for the Switch.

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