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Last updated on September 3rd, 2014

It’s still a big mystery why classic arcade video game are only allowed for grown ups in Germany. Thus arcades don’t exist here because there is ,simply put, no demand for these. In other European cities this is different and kids are allowed to play in some special locations with arcade videogames but truth be told: Nothing, really nothing compares to the true experience to being in a real Japanese arcade.

Going out with a couple of friends and after some beers, drinks and sushi, to hit the arcades later on is just awesome. My personal favorite is Taiko no Tatsujin a colorful rhythm game where you you have to hit the drums, alone or with your favorite musical partner. Good times. I even bought the 3DS Taiko just to have a tiny taste of the true Taiko experience back at home.

All pictures were made at a cheap arcade in the midst of Shibuya. The machines are all outdated and so a round to play only costs 50¥ which makes more than up for it. Usually it’s double the price and for us European Gaijins it really doesn’t matter if the machines are a couple of years old and thrown out in the “normal” arcades. We haven’t played with any of them so the age of the machines really doesn’t matter to us.




I just love lightgun shooter games. Back in the day I always wanted to buy the classic Time Crisis game for the PSX. O this picture I’m playing a newer arcade version of Time Crisis. So much fun. Back home again I just had to order the Time Crisis: Razing Storm collection for the PS3.








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