If you like your privacy this house in Hiroshima is not for you

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Last updated on June 8th, 2018

When I come home I love to stretch out on my couch, have a nice glass of 5° Crémant  and read the daily news. I love my privacy. Once living in a flat with windows all around, I definitely know the feeling of always being transparent. Especially when your neighbors like to constantly hang out in the garden and stare inside your flat. Some anger is coming through again but luckily I don’t live there anymore. All good now even if I hate the thin walls or rather the thin floor and seiling which let me participate on the everyday life of my neighbors. Oh you watched something interesting on the news yesterday, don’t tell me about it. I heard it myself. On the other hand I’m clearly having a very Japanese livestyle over here in southern Germany. After all you can hear everything in Japanese buildings as well – which to be honest is damn annoying.

The Japanese studio Suppose Design Office planned this completely see-through house in Hiroshima. The walls are made of acryl instead of glass which is better for isolation. You still want to be able to heat that thing properly when winter-time is near. Oh, I forgot that Japan is a tropic country where they don’t need heaters. So an air conditioner will have to be sufficient. Imagine returning back home from a drunken night, desperately searching for the door. Damn everything looks alike and everything is see-through. But Suppose design was smart. They used wooden frames to indicated the doors. You can now easily find the entrance to your home no matter how fucked up you might.

The constructions looks stunning but is just very uncomfortable to use. It’s located on a hill and thus out of sight from neighbors, but still. All private rooms are tucked away under the ground which doesn’t make sense exactly. You have two choices now in your new home. Either hang out in your sunny but totally see-through main apartment or hide in the shadows of your basement. Or you just don’t give a shit. Your choice.

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