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If you are one of these guys who is disgusted by horse meat and can’t believe that people in France and Switzerland (and many more I’m sure) enjoy the expressive, strong flavour of horse meat, you shouldn’t bother to watch the video. Trust me, you won’t like it. Eating frog-legs is nothing new but the Japanese know how to take it one step further. They really like fresh, raw meat. The living! frog is cut in several small pieces and served in a bowl of stock. While it is still quite alive.

Young schoolgirls seem to like the flavor and can be watched, eating the freshly skinned frog with their wooden chopsticks. いただきます!This sure isn’t for everyone. Even if I consider myself quite open minded when it comes to unknown foods and foreign delicacies, I couldn’t bear to see how the small animal gets slaughtered in front of my eyes and then jumps directly on my plate. But maybe that’s just me.

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  • NinKenDo

    Very cruel. And cruel almost for its own sake too. This whole “live sushi” thing really boils my blood. Or rather, makes it run cold =[

    • Phi

      Absolutely horrible.

    • Katelyn

      Perhaps, but then no less cruel than plenty of other things in this world especially of things pertaining to the suffering of people.