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Last updated on September 22nd, 2016

It’s been quiet around here for the last couple of months. Busy times with my studies and still going strong for the next couple of months. It’s not that I couldn’t squeeze in an hour here and there for writing but when I’m studying all day I simply lack the inspiration. To stay focused I try to ignore any other interests that could distract me. Seriously, it’s the only way for me to not get side tracked. Even if studying-times are more than often my most creative times as well. Needless to say that my Japanese learning suffered quite a lot of the last six months. If you’re cramming on your desk all day, not knowing how to handle the huge amount of information, you just aren’t able to use your free time in between for learning Japanese. Even Fire Emblem is a little too stressful for these short breaks and doesn’t give you the recreational call you need.

Tokyo is an amazing city with everything available you could think of and more. What always most impressed me was the fact that everything seemed to be available at any given time. Be it book shopping in the wee hours or grabbing a nice warm meal after a night out in a club. No problem in Tokyo. Japan is the land for insiders with people who devote their entire free time (and sometimes even more) to one single subject. No wonder you can taste the biggest whiskey selection there and listen to super rare Jazz records while doing so. Speaking of which: There are better places for record shopping out there, price wise. But the amount of what you can get is astonishing. From these rare Brazilian boogie records to electronic music from Germany and classic vocal House records from the States. You name it, they got it. But because people are always very educated in their field of passion  they always know what these records are going for as well.

My latest trips for traveling to Japan have been canceled. Again. I want at least to have three weeks over there to really enjoy my stay and that’s just not possible at the moment. The longest period of free time I had were two shorts weeks past winter, which I spent in Lisboa. But I seriously, I need to get back to Japan. Not only for the sole reason of taking some pictures to share with you guys.

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