Monster Hunter x A Bathing Ape 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

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Last updated on September 14th, 2014

I love Monster Hunter. I even bought a Wii U just to play the latest title on my big TV screen. And against evil tongues who claimed  that the game still looked shitty in HD, I completely loved. The atmosphere, the graphics the music – it was one big rush where I did get lost for hours. Monster Hunter is usually not the game you play for the graphics. It’s all about the gameplay and the really unbelievable physics of the different monster. But I loved every part of this game.

When I was in Tokyo early this year I went to several Bape stores (pictures from the Aoyama Bape store) and really tried to buy something. Unfortunately I didn’t like most of their recent stuff and another problem occurred: Their sizes don’t fit me right.

Even if I’m not that keen about Bape anymore after Nigo sold the company, I still like to have a look on their latest releases from time to time. I know, Baby Milo is just another calculated mascot designed by Sanrio but you have to admit, he really looks adorable. The Monster Hunter x Bape collecting is a bit underwhelming but the tote looks amazing. Maybe I’ll try to pick this one up.

Some items will be available for pre-sale at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, exclusively on both and, and at all BAPE Stores across Japan starting September 28.

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