Gakugeidaigaku by night

Gakugeidaigaku by night

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On my trip to Tokyo I just started taking pictures with my new camera and was still enthuastiastic enough to carry the heavy thing all day around with me. But it was worth it. I just love to look through all these pictures and refresh my memory with them.

We had a blast in Tokyo. Great food, great people and tons of stuff to do. Our homestay apartment was located in Gakugei daigaku 学芸大学 which really is a nice neighborhood, only a couple train stations away from Shibuya (where the party is at). I took all these pictures around midnight, when I sneaked out of the house after dinner with the family.

Everyone was really kind but they always showed an extra interest in my purchases which was quite annoying. When I came home after a day of walking thorugh the city I was always asked in a very interrogating manner “did you buy something”.  So there came the time when I decided to secretly sneak in the books I bought just to avoid the look of reproach I always got when I came home packed with some plastics sacks. Made my feel like addicted to consumption but there may be some truth to that.

Regarding the pictures: I decided to make various small posts which only a couple of selected pictures which were all made on the same day/night. It’s like a little trip you take thorugh my Tokyo neigborhood.

Where:  学芸大学   Gakugei daigaku.
When: February 10th, around midnight.

Images by JapaneseTease.


20130214-DSC_0061 5

20130215-DSC_0060 6

20130215-DSC_0061 6

20130215-DSC_0063 5

20130215-DSC_0066 6

20130215-DSC_0068 3

20130215-DSC_0081 5

20130215-DSC_0094 2

20130215-DSC_0104 5

20130215-DSC_0120 5

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