How to eat Sushi the right way

How to eat Sushi the right way

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There are so many different ways to prepare Sushi and between good and bad are dimensions in taste. If you ever had the pleasure of eating real sushi, not the westernized version, not this California-roll bullshit, you know what I mean. There are only a couple of ingredients used and with the first view, you could think that the whole treat solely consist of rice and raw fish. But each prepared perfectly and combined with a touch of magic sushi-mastery makes it a party of flavors in your mouth. The good kind of course.

The last time I went out with my girl we had dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. And I have to admit, the sushi was amazing. Everything was prepared perfectly. For dessert, we got some tasty matcha creme-brulet which was a real treat. We should definitely do this more often and came to the following conclusion: Save up and have a real treat instead of wasting money on cheap street food. I said “cheap” and don’t mean the good kind of course. Having a nice dinner is something I really like to think back on and thus it’s worth the premium.

Sushi chef┬áNaomichi Yasuda tells us that we made everything wrong until now. Especially when it comes to eating sushi the right way. Prepare for a lesson. His Tokyo sushi bar is famous and definitely on my would love to do list on my next trip to Tokyo. Seriously, my plan is to have some real sushi for once and even if it means just having some Freshness Burger each other day (I least I won’t look messy).

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