Nigo only lives twice. The Sothebys catalogue.

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Last updated on September 13th, 2018

Nigo sold his former clothing company A Bathing Ape and probably his house along with it. The 20 years of Bape exhibition was held there and I couldn’t imagine him still living there after that. Or at least I’m sure he never would’ve done exhibition if this was still one of his homes. (There is a nice video on youtube where Nigo shows of his house and atelier in Roppongi just have a look here). It would be interesting to know how that exhibition actually took place. Who organized it, to learn more about the organization behind the whole event. Especially considering that Nigo solely sold the house and not with his collection included.

Classic Prouv√© furniture, customized Goyard trunks and sealed first edition Star Wars figures. The Bape mastermind claimed that he wanted to attend his own “after death auction” (that’s why he is lying on the street like a corpse on the first picture of the inlay). I’ve already shown you some of Nigo’s collector’s items with the really gorgeous book Atelier by Nigo and even managed to get a certain issue of Japanese Switch magazine where Nigo shows of his travel essentials which are mainly customized Goyard and L.V. trunks. So we’ve already seen some of Nigo’s treasured items but the catalog is still wonderful.

The auction was held in Hong Kong last October and if we can trust complex mag he made a total of $4,541,512.60 selling his stuff. Hong Kong Dollars but still an unbelievable amount. I’m wondering what he is collecting nowadays. Maybe he’ll even make another Cribs-style room tour. Enjoy the pictures!


nigo sothebys catalogue

nigo only lives twice sothebys exhibition catalogue-9

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