Ollie mag, Bape 2014 SS emook and Nail Venus

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Last updated on July 28th, 2018

I have a little knack for Japanese fashion magazines and order some new ones from time to time. Never heard anything about the Ollie mag before but the Nigo/Pharrell cover story made me buy it. Probably exactly what the publisher wanted to achieve. Unfortunately it’s only a two page feature, no fashion shoot and no Human Made news. But the magazine itself is quite fun and even gives some input on the much talked about question whether to wear skinny or baggy jeans. Tough one.

The Bape emook is something I nearly buy every season. I’s pretty cheap in Japan (1,800¥) and I actually use the gimmicks which are probably the main reason why people buy thee emooks. For those who don’t know these cookbook/magazine hybrids: Mainly fashion companies are producing these “enhanced cookbooks” for the Japanese market, always including an exclusive gimmick. Other than that, the mag always includes an interview, the upcoming collection and some random stuff. Only for the die-hard fans I’d say, but the little gifts which are attached make the purchase more than often worth your while. If I remember correctly even the Suica card (which is used to store credit on for public transportation in Tokyo) had one of these little emooks. Not quite sure about the contents though.

The nail magazine is a present for a friend of mine who is super into nail-design. And Japan is probably the best place to buy magazines, especially for niche interests. Even if Nail-art (let’s just call it that) is probably not so niche like I’m thinking.

I bought this stuff at cdjapan.co.jp and didn’t forget to make some pictures of the packaging this time. Ordered from them a couple of time within the last three month and was always very pleased with their packaging and shipping speed. On par with honto and that’s really a compliment.

nigo pharrell ollie magazine

nigo pharrell ollie magazine-2

nigo pharrell ollie magazine-3

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