A personal portrait of Japan by Emily Shur

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Last updated on June 5th, 2018

Everyone has different interests, a different taste and personality. All these things form a person and their way of thinking and thus their perception. Photography in itself is a marvelous tool to share exactly your point of view. Unfortunately many people nowadays think they had to fit into socially pre-made structures and don’t let their freak flag fly as high as it should be. If you love something pursue it.

Not necessarily to the extent that you devote your whole life to it. But there is always time for the things you truly love and enjoy. Having no time is seldom a reason that should prevent you to starting something new and exiting. You don’t have to quit your job, you don’t have to quit your old life to finally bring a passion of your to life. Just do it, just start and eventually everything will fall into place.

Many people seem to be afraid nowadays to develop an edgy personality. In Japan we have the Harajuku movement where people are trying to dress exactly how they please. A strong reaction against the typical salaryman type living in Japan. Have your own point of view not matter if you’re taking pictures or choose your clothing for dress. If you like something stick up for it.

Emily Shur is an American photographer and a very well known one in the industry. Her client list includes every mag you could imagine. From GQ to Nylon,  she has been there and done that. Since 2004 she likes to visit Japan a couple of times a year and takes photos for her personal interest. The interesting thing here is that her pictures capture a totally different view of Japan in comparison to the ones of Jordi Husman for example.

Initially I was taken by the cliché imagery generally associated with Japan, but over time I began to see something else. The pictures became less about all that is there and more about what isn’t. (Emily Shur)

But they have one thing in common. They both picture a vain view on a country that is a alife and open 24/7. I wonder why that might be. Photography at its best captures the unseen and delivers a psychological portrait. It’s a little far fetched in it’s photography in it’s prime makes you feel something. Or in general every decent piece of art should make you feel something or else it simply missed it purpose.

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