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Last updated on February 15th, 2015

Most of us find themselves staring on their phones way too much. And yes it is very annoying. Especially if you’re hanging out with someone and the person is constantly looking on their blinking screen. Reading messages which would never have been sent if one had to pay for them. Wasn’t such a bad time back then.¬†You’re now probably aware of all the hours you spending with your phone. Each day and most of the time it’s something like a reflex. To look on your phone when there could be an idle moment. But now comes the good part. Instead of reading stupid stuff on facebook or looking at hentai pics on twitter you can now squeeze in some Japanese learning here and there.

Kanji Box is the name of the little App I’m currently working with on my Phone and Tablet alike. There is even the option to synchronize your data among the two (and a web version as well if I’m correctly informed). What this app does is the following: You can learn Kanji, Vocab and Grammar with it. Sorted after the JLPT. There is a space repetition system at work much along the lines as with WaniKani and Anki but you don’t have recurring batches you need to work your way through. It just shows you the words you don’t know that well more often. You’re answering with multiple choice each time (four choices to choose from) but each time are words with very similar Kanji and readings chosen. That brings two nice benefits. Choosing the correct answer gets more difficult and you are made aware of very different sounding/looking words each time and make them stick better. Nice touch.

Learn grammar with Kanji Box

There is a really neat statistics feature inside the app as well which makes learning Japanese a little like playing a game where you just want to have 100% everywhere. A little like getting all there stars in each difficulty mode in Mario Kart (still playing it). But now on to the things that makes Kanji Box really worth your while: Grammar. Everybody can learn vocabulary and Kanji but using them the right way is the difficult part. The one where you need some experience with the language. There are several in-app purchases available (just 1$ each/four packs total) where you can buy Grammar-packs to practice using particles or expressing location and time or space in Japanese. And honestly, the Kanji Box pricing is ridiculously low. The App itself is just a little under 4$. An absolute no brainer even even you get it for the grammar packs alone.

Inside the various grammar packs you will work with multiple choice as well. There is a also a statistics feature and it just works exactly like the vocab or Kanji part. But there are many different way to learn vocab and Kanji pretty comfortable but few options for grammar. Maybe EtoEto will be something to look out for but so far Kanji Box is the most pleasant way to brush up on your grammar skills. You usually make the mistake of not practicing new learned grammar first hand. You just read the explanations and think to yourself “ok, everything is clear now”. But when you actually find it in the “wild” you won’t know how to deal with it more then often. This is where Kanji Box comes into play and will help you to practice. Seriously get the App just for that, it’s worth it. On a side note if you’re solely looking to learn some new vocabulary I recently signed up with iknow and love their service.

Multiple customization options

Another very neat feature is that you can customize your learning experience to your hearts content. Furigana, no Furigana, only no Furigana for Kanji you already “unlocked”, do what you gotta do. Just try it for yourself. First thing you should do for your Japanese in 2015: Get this App or sign up (free) online, Kanji Box is awesome.

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