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Last updated on July 28th, 2018

I bought a lot of study books over the last few weeks but most of them are still untouched. Lately I just haven’t had the time nor the passion to go through all of them. One execption is this liitle goodie which is called “essential Japanese expression”. It’s available in many different forms and difficulties and I picked one which contains something for every level of Japanese learner. From JLPT N1 to N5 it says on the cover even if I highly doubt that a real beginner could use this guide properly. The sentences are solely in Japanese and even if you get a pretty solid explanation of the grammar point in English it’s still difficult to get the Japanese without a little bit of skill on the learners side.

Regardless, the book is really fun to skip through. The layout heavily reminds me of the Dictionaries of Japanese grammar and even sports an alphabetical order which makes it easy to find related sentences. Both books look quite alike and they definitely have some striking resemblances.

Both are dictionaries in a certain way that help you look up grammar points. Only difference is that this book here is teaching essential Japanese expressions which translates to grammar points used in context. Or rather how certain grammar points are often used by Japanese people. Before really going down the self learners route with Japanese I took some private Japanese lessons with a tutor. Trust me, this sounds way more extravagant then it initially was. I hoped to get some explanations from a native on how Japanese was really used but instead I just received some vague explanations on things. She should probably get this book as well.

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essential japanese expressions

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And that comes in far more handy then one could think from the first look. This book doesn’t replace the dictionaries but is definitely a nice supplement for advanced learners and a great tool on its own.

Just to get a little bit more familiar with Japanese. Read the book and learn how natives really talk which expressions they use and how they structure their sentences in real life. I hope he pictures give you a proper feel of the book and how it can be used.

We all know them. Expressions we use on a daily basis but which just can’t be translated in a foreign language. And there are a lots of them in Japanese. This book here tries to shed some light onto the most common ones.

The Furigana above the Kanji make it a little more beginner friendly. That’s probably why it’s targeted towards all Japanese learners from JLPT N1 to N5. Never been too interested in these language proficiency test myself but maybe this means something to some of you. But like I already said: Without at least a grasp of Japanese this book can’t be used properly.

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Even if I doubt that bloody beginner would be looking for a book like this one as a first choice. For all the advanced learners who are looking to improve their language skills and want to up their Japanese game. Get this book and learn from the natives.

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    If you buy the book through my link, I’ll get a small referral fee which will be used to buy even more awesome books for review. Thanks for your support!
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