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Last updated on January 4th, 2014

Ok, let’s face it. The German running clothes are pretty worn out. Even if you just have the slightest sense of fashion in you, it is almost impossible to look good while running. And I am not talking about a blushing face, greasy hair or sweat dripping all over you.

What I find devastating is the variety of fashionable running clothing around here. There is none whatsoever. Even the international brands that have good stuff in their collections, don’t use it for the European market. They rather use multi-layered high-perfomance sweat-resistant and what not fabric. However, this does not change the fact that the designs suck.

We don’t need another black short and white tank top to fill our dresser with. We want fresh design, innovative cuts and of course fabric with function. And I am not asking for too much here, people. Sports brands have already done that. Just not in Europe. If you take a look at Adidas Japan, for example, they have an awesome collection that just makes me want to go out and run. Seriously. I know, that sport is not about fashion but about fitness but is it too much to ask to look good while running? I think not! I ask you, sport brands of today: Where is our fair share of coolness?

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