How Sailor Moon influenced my life

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There are some things in life that are more important than others. Usually, they tend to happen in your younger years. I, for instance, had the greatest time of my younger life when I watched Sailor Moon. I remember coming home after school and being the happiest little girl when I was able to watch a new episode of Sailor Moon. I would wake up way early on the week-ends to be able to see the Sailor Moon Movie that I had already seen six or seven times. I would listen to the Sailor Moon CD and pause the songs every few seconds so I could write the lyrics down. They would never come out right but at least I was able to sing along really loudly.

My mom would get annoyed after a song played for the tenth time but I didn’t mind. In retrospective, I can see that the Sailor Moon music might get a litte annoying after listening to it non-stop. But try telling that ten year old me. I would handle the posters with the Sailor Girls like the most precious thing I owned. Put them on my walls. I even outlined the posters I already had just so I could put these drawings on the wall, too. I am telling you, Sailor Moon was my everything. She was the coolest girl on earth. I crafted that little tiara of hers with some cheap-ass paper and felt like the queen of the world with Tuxedo Mask as my king. Who could resist the man with the roses, right?!

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And then my 12th birthday came. I invited friends over for a little party. I don’t remember what gave me the impulse but I remember the feeling of becoming a grown-up now. So I decided it was time to part with all things Sailor Moon concerned. I took down the posters and put them in a storage box along with the CD and all the things I had so carefully collected during my “Sailor time”. Man, it was hard, I can tell you. But at the time it felt like the right step to take.

Today I am wiser. With my 25 years of age, I know that Sailor Moon will always be the one TV show that influenced me a great deal. No other series ever had that effect on me again. No, not even Lost.

I started watching Sailor Moon from the first episode again a while back. At first, I was a little hesitant. Didn’t want to ruin my childhood memories. You know what it’s like to remember something from the past as the best ever, then trying it again and ending up more that disappointed. Like buying Babybel because you liked it so much as a kid and realizing that it tastes like crap and the wrapper can’t be kneaded the way you remember it.

I didn’t want to ruin my bond with the Sailor Girls. It would crush me forever. But I was curious and I tried. And it was awesome! Sailor Moon totally lived up to my expectations. I watched it and felt like a little girl again. Even remembered the lyrics to the melody and didn’t care that my boyfriend had to watch me dance and sing it out. Sure, I get happy when I buy myself a nice leather bag, but the happiness I felt can’t even compare.

The girls are back in town

And now comes the big news: Sailor Moon is being produced again in 2014. New episodes and everything. And it is being dropped in July, the month I was born! Word is, that they are reinterpreting the Sailor Moon manga. As you can imagine, my feelings compare to those of a young guy waiting for the PS 4 to drop. And yes, I would stand in line to get my share of Sailor madness. I am, however, a little anxious that the new Sailor Moon will not live up to my expectations. Just like I was before watching the old episodes again recently. But even if the new stuff will not be as good as the old, there is one thing I learned: Sailor Moon will and can never disappoint me. It will always be as precious as it was when I first discovered it at 10 years of age. I will leave you with that. Because after all, “she is the one named Sailor Moon”.

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