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There is no better way to make new friends or polishing up on old friendships then surprising your loved ones with some super cute Sailor Moon underwear on your trained body. The first batch of Sailor Moon lingerie was released in late 2013 and sold out pretty quickly. No surprise, the matching tops and panties looked stunning. ¬†And hands down, who wouldn’t buy this for his girlfriend? I bet every 90s kid would pull the trigger in an instant if he/she had the chance. Well done Bandai, well done.

Unlike the first edition you now get a little more fabric for your money. Maybe some girls felt a little too naked wearing just the pretty voluminous bra with a huge bow you couldn’t fit under anything. You now get the matching skirt as well which is probably a wise decision. You can already pre-order the new Sailor-Moon gear (underwear is just not fitting anymore) at the Japanese Bandai Online store. But hurry up. The last batch sold out in a day and the upcoming release of the new Sailor-Moon Br + Dvd won’t make it any easier.

If there was just a little piece in side of you that loved Sailor Moon on your childhood you will love to explore the Bandai store in general. Apart from offering these sexy little pieces above you can also snag up some more decent long skirts for your everyday transformation. But all these really don’t look as nice as the original ones from February. If you’re really looking for some nice Sailor Moon lingerie your best bet is Etsy.Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

But now let’s finally have a look at the new collection which is officially available for pre-order at Bandai’s online store. Clearly not as nice as the home-made ones from Etsi though.

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