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Starting the new year with しろくまカフェ

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First of all happy new year everybody. 2020 has been challenging but only working part-time for a while allowed me to concentrate more on studying Japanese and developing a new routine. The best thing I did was to finally start regular Japanese lessons with a teacher on iTalki. I know the costs for the lessons add up but if you want to really improve your Japanese there is no way around 1 on 1 lessons in my opinion. Self-studying Japanese is great and all but with iTalki it’s so easy to find a professional Japanese teacher with tons of experience for a reasonable price – it’s hard to pass that up.

There are some alternatives like Cafétalk but I stuck with italki because I found a nice teacher there and like their professional presentation and apps.

This is not the big iTalki post (will follow at some point). I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys. The big problem for me has always been to find a capable Japanese teacher. Years ago I had one but the problem was that she was not a professional teacher. Just a Japanese woman with no teaching skills who got herself a copy of Minna no Nihongo (which I really don’t like). Finding a good Japanese teacher, familiar with the Genki textbooks is nearly impossible in a small town in Germany. Or let’s just say how it is. It is impossible.

I recently picked the three available books from the new しろくまカフェ series Today’s Special. Been a long while since I read the original ones which I bought at Mandarake in 2013. Hopefully, international travel will be possible again in late 2021 so I can finally visit Japan.

Kotaku crowned the corresponding Anime to be one of the best of the last century. I enjoyed a few episodes of it but ultimately found them to be too repetitive and slow for my taste. Btw. I’m really glad to find the fantastic Anime Ping Pong on that list as well. I just gave the show a re-watch and found it still as perfect, gripping, and enjoyable as the first time around. What a fantastic show with truly gorgeous artwork. If I had just one Anime to recommend – Ping Pong would be it.

I’m currently getting more and more into trading cards again, mainly playing Magic Arena and collecting Japanese Pokémon Cards. Browsing the web I came across Weiß/Schwarz and got intrigued by the very unique concept of the game. Any players/collectors among you?

Have a great start to the new year!

shirokuma cafe todays special japanese

shirokuma cafe todays special japanese

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