Sushi Snowglobes and a personal message

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Last updated on October 6th, 2019

You all remember the super adorable little Neko-Sushi who came from a different dimension, right? They brought a little present for us. Some super artificial sushi which are preserved under a hood made of glass. Just like the snowglobes we loved to throw around as kids. But don’t break these here. It would be a very expensive accident. Each one of these sushi-snowglobes is hand made, or rather paw made, by our beloved Neko-Sushi and costs a hefty 39,000¥.

It’s a short one today because I have something to celebrate. Something totally unrelated to any Neko-Sushi or snowglobes or Japan. And that’s why I can use something totally unrelated as a featured image and get away with it. After six years of waiting, I got a permit to study dentistry. Fuck yeah. It’s been such a long time and right now I’m just happy that I can finally start with a new episode in my life. I just wanted to share that with my fellow Japanese lovers and learners.

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