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Last updated on October 6th, 2019

Did I tell you that I stayed in a host family when I visited Tokyo for a month? If not, consider yourself informed now. The male readers probably all heard of the Japanese men’s fetish for voluminous, soft breasts where you just want to stick your head in and move it around. A friend of mine created the perfect sound for this. It sounds a little like “woooowowowowowo”. You probably get the drift now. I don’t exactly share this preference but that’s not important. Important is that my so-called “guest-father” back in Tokyo was pretty fond of women who own these features. Lucky for him a lovely Australian girl stayed with us at their place for a couple of weeks and she was pretty much al he ever dreamed of (she was a great gal btw, seriously thanks for the great times!).

When it was time to leave he even wanted to take some pictures of her (he wasn’t so interested in taking any pictures of me. Still a little sad) and thought it would be best if she removed her scarf or practically anything that could hide some of her décolleté. So that’s my hands-on experience with “older” Japanese men who are pretty into these two female attributes.

The Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa either shares this fetish or just knows how to market a great idea. And great it is because it pictures exactly that “woooowowowowowo” feeling my buddy is talking about. Tanima Diver is the name of these necklaces which should preferably be worn by large-breasted women. To finance his little project Fukasawa created a camp-fire campaign (which is basically Japanese kickstarted) and already funded it successfully. Maybe I know one of the contributors. Hands down, I really want one of these. The astronaut to be precise. And now comes the shocking part – I want it for myself. Happy diving.

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