I have to work in this bureau in Tokyo

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2018

I have seen lots of seemingly creative and opened minded bureaus. With a flipper and some arcade machines integrate between work desks or puristic landscapes of Eames classics. teamLab designs created this tripping hallucination of a workplace for creative minds in Tokyo where you can work to hear hearts content between Murakami sunflowers, Lego stools and tons of manga. This is where I want to work at, just imagine how the ideas would flow in your head with all these stimulants surrounding you. And this is what I call creative office design. Like fever dream of きゃり.

A 250m long table snares through the room and is the place there the actual work is been done. Instead of just lining up small boxes where everyone keeps to themselves, this is a very communicative approach. Maybe the person next to you could give you some valid input on your work. By turning around he accidentally  catches a glimpse of th stuff you’re working on and says “that shit, is dope” and suddenly you got the much needed motivational boost to keep you going for the rest of day.

But the most awesome thing about this workplace is yet to come: The wall in the entryway, composed of 3000 cards on which you can write on. Like small blackboards. Visitors are encouraged to leave some artistic greetings on these and it’s easy to change them out. They’re magnetic.

If you have a list with top reasons why you should  move to Tokyo, this is a another item on your list.









All images © designboom | Photography by Nina Azarello | Via: designboom

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