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Last updated on May 7th, 2013

Twin Peaks is my favorite tv-show ever. That’s a fact. I’ve already been a huge admirer of David Lynch’s work for a couple of years when the second Twin Peaks Season was finally released in my home country Germany. The first was out for quite some time but the second one just wouldn’t come. But when it was released (in two parts actually) I watched the whole thing in only a couple of days. I even bought the Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk With Me and watched it right after I finished the series.

All this talking about David Lynch and Twin Peaks just reminds me that I still have a wonderful book about David Lynch’s Art which I bought in France in 2008. Maybe I should take some pictures for you even if it’s not Japan related. But now back to the main topic:

The Terror Factory in Osaka, Japan is hosting a BLACK LODGE – TWIN PEAKS 23th Anniversary Exhibition in their t-shirt shop from April 27 through May 12, 2013. In addition to merchandise from Terror Factory, film director Go Shibata and illustrator Fumihiko Yokouchi will contribute short-films to the show.

Apart from all the merchandise, my personal highlight is the Twin Peaks Guide which comes with a recipe for the original Cherry Pie which is so beloved by the inhabitants of Twin Peaks. Would love to have a copy of this guide. So if anybody is around in Osaka at the time of the exhibition. Please hit me up!

I just noticed that the Twin Peaks Guide with the Cherry Pie recipe which is available at the Terror Factory Exhibition, seems like a Japanese reprint of the orginal English version which was published back in 91 and is out of print since. But you van still get it used for a rather reasonable price if you look around.

While searching for the guide I came across something very interesting for all Twin Peaks Fans: Dale Cooper’s very own personal voice revordings from the show on tape. And because we’re a lucky bunch some nice people uploaded the whole thing on youtube.

Via WT TwinPeaks
Images by Terror Factory & Flickr

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